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Updated: September 19, 2000

TreadLightly! for educationing outdoor users

The Letters That Started A Revolution

Randy Goolsby - 6 September 2000, Starting out with a vision
Randy Goolsby - 6 September 2000, A call for action

Information You Must Know About

Access 2000 - "PERMANENT" ROAD MORATORIUM -- Late 1999

Why Vote Land Use?

Should a candidate’s position on land use be a major consideration in whether or not you should vote for them?


Even if you are not someone who’s very enjoyment of the outdoors would be seriously restricted by the banning of motorized vehicles from publics lands, where a candidate stands on land use issues is a good barometer of their overall political outlook. What is at issue is a matter of trust and respect. A candidate who trusts his or her constituents, is going to have few qualms about allowing responsible citizens the use of THEIR public lands. On the other hand do you want to elect a candidate who does not trust the electorate to govern themselves? Such candidates have convinced themselves that the “little people” cannot be trusted with too much responsibility. Such candidates believe that they exist to protect the ignorant masses from their own ignorance.

Related to this is the question of whether or not your elected officials have any respect for who really owns public lands. Who do you want to elect? A person who believes that the public lands truly belongs to the public? Or someone who thinks that public lands in fact belong to the government, and that they may allow or restrict access by their whim?

Four-wheelers tend to be a freedom loving bunch. The entire point of the time and money we spend on our vehicles is to have the freedom to be able to take them anywhere. The freedom to enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors is very important to us. A candidate who protects our freedom to access our public lands is likely going to defend our freedoms on other fronts as well. These candidates deserve our support.

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