Starting out with a vision...

From:  rokkinhorse
Date:  Tue, 5 Sep 2000 18:49:06 -0700 (PDT)
  To:  bigbroncos
  CC:  rspasoje
Subject: Re: Political action

Kurt, I'll do whatever it takes to get the info out,as well as compile it. You set up the web site, I'll do my best to field the questions. This is going to be a large and fast track undertaking. Access to fellow national 2BB members is imperative. Would it be OK if I solicited some info-assitatance from others outside the PNW group? I was thinking one delegate per chapter for information on candidates in their state,moving on to other states to build a database (if you will) from. The time for being passive,then scrambling like heck at the last minute to attempt to defeat harmful legislation, is behind us. The 2BB Organization can and -should- be making specific recommendations on electing those who friendly to our hobby. If not friendly,at the very least, tolerant.

Many of the membership look to this organization for leadership and innovative ideas on how and where to off-road. We need to be leading in an awareness arena as well,to preserve the areas we have left to enjoy.This needs to hold true at the national level,state by state. I would like to throw a post out on the 2BB network for volunteers and assistance on this and I want to do it -now-. If you'd rather I didn't proceed as such, tell me. I'm not looking to turn the club into a political forum or platform,only to provide information we -must- have, for our own future benefit. If I get an unsatisfactory response from the membership at large,I'll seek out individuals and approach them that way. We have the people-resources to make this happen; we don't have much time.. Your thoughts,please? And Thanks for the opportunity to help out on this,Kurt..

Randy Goolsby, '94 Eddie Bauer,'98 F150 STX

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