A urgent call for action and information...

From:  rokkinhorse
Date:  Wed, 6 Sep 2000 18:23:00 -0700 (PDT)
  To:  SAYBRONCO, chris, jameshunter,
       wardog4x4, bigbroncos, rspasoje,
Subject: Information we must have toward keeping our trails and public lands

Gentlemen, You are being sent this message because you are the point-men and leaders for regional chapters of 2BigBroncos and frankly,we need your help.

As you already know, elections will soon be upon us. In Washington State for example, we will soon be electing a new "Commissioner of Public Lands". Most of our fellow wheelers are asleep. We don't collectively know who and who isn't friendly to our hobby,instead we find ourselves scrambling like heck at the last minute to try and "rally the troops" to defeat harmful legislation and gauranteeing our futre access to these places we all need and enjoy. We need to prepare better and we -are- at this juncture becoming more assertive and pro-active. The 2BigBroncos Organization is already noted by many as a great group to be a part of,who create an unintimidating atmosphere in which we all learn more about our vehicles,responsible four-wheeling and to share this accumulated information. We need to move this to the next level and keep our membership, interested four-wheelers,and communities at large informed of changing environmental issues as well as friends and foes of our hobby.

Here's where you come in: Kurt has arranged a site where we can post information on upcoming candidates for public office who are friendly to our continued use of public lands and who,as best we can tell will continue to do so. We want to make this a place where anybody from any State in the Nation may go to find out who represents them in their area,who we ENDORSE as a future leader in this arena and possibly even write to them,voicing their concerns. We are now in the process of compiling a data-base and we need help from you as to who in your area is a "good guy" and who needs the support of the 4WD/Off-Road Community IN YOUR STATE.

We are sorely late in getting this thing off the ground and time is at a premium. I know there are also those in your chapters who who reside in adjacent states who could provide info we need to fill in the spaces. You know your members and I'd like to hear from them on their (and your) recommendations. I can't do the research myself;there isn't time, nor am I, Kurt or Rade aware of the issues at hand in your areas that are pressing nor the Legislative problems in the Off-Road Community in your respective Chapters/Regions. You do.

Let me leave you with one final thought: The Sierra Club and others who would restrict our access through "roadless policies" already KNOW who they'll be supporting in the upcoming elections. We should too. Thanks for your time; I hope to hear from you all -soon-.

In Freedom, Randy Goolsby, Asst. Political Liason, 2BigBroncos 4X4 Club

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